This is why my work with me options includes 1 on 1 Operations Business Strategy AND Premium Done for You Tech Services.



their tech strategy and operations so their businesses can run effectively, efficienlty and with ease. 


I love partnering with CEOS to:

Lacey Cribb is an operations business tech strategist with over 10 years of experience in the corporate world. She has a Master's degree in Communication and Technology and uses her skills to help entrepreneurs simplify their business tech operations so they can focus on what's important to growing and scaling their businesses.

With Lacey's help, entrepreneurs can execute their business strategy with ease and confidence, knowing their business tech operations is handled by a pro.

Lacey is an Operations Business & Tech Strategist




About My STRACT Method

The STRACT Method applies strategy and action in everything we do!

Here's how the method breaks down when we work together in the STRACT Membership:

  1. I get to know you and your business intimately.
  2. We work on your unique needs, taking tasks off your plate so you can focus in your zone of genius each month.
  3. I keep your business needs top of mind for more ease in execution

Gained 10.5 years corporate leadership experience where I was responsible for 3 year (rolling) strategic planning, and program development and implementation across the company.

I worked shoulder to shoulder with VPs and corporate leaders to strategize and complete complex plans and projects.

Built and led a high performing team of over 15 team members!

Received a Bachelor of Science degree &
a Master of Arts in Communications & Technology

Before online biz, I...

Working with me you can expect a  grounded, authentic & informative relationship.