Simple Launch Strategies to help you launch your coaching offer from scratch & bring in clients-
without the tech overwhelm

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We need original, unique, and creative approaches that fit the individual.

Enter: My Remix Launch Strategies

Launching has become too cookie-cutter. 

The Launch Remix ™️

It's okay to have fun and experiment with different launch mixes!

The Launch Remix™️ is all about tailoring proven strategies to your comfort zone and creating remarkable results.

When we have an online business, it is important to "launch".
But a launch doesn't have to look the same for every business. Where is the creativity and freedom in that?

When working with my clients I encourage them to think creatively by applying  the Launch Remix™️ to craft a launch that they and their audience resonates with. We really focus on infusing their personality throughout!

The results?
- they feel great going into the launch
- we achieve better show up rates
- better sales conversions
- positive feelings behind the launch


Choose launch mediums that work for YOU and YOUR audience

Take the stress out of launching

Make sure you're fully prepared to launch

Avoid complicated sales funnels

Makes rinse-and-repeat launches feel new again

Bring your best to the table

Teach and sell the way you work best

Stop launch overthinking & overwhelm

Leverage a tiny audience AND save on Ad spend

Identify opportunities you didn't know existed

Feeling lost in the launch maze?

Lacey isn't just about nailing the tech. She's a mastermind of launch strategy and creativity."

- Julie Cabezas, Self Made

4 Step Guide


Launch your online business in just 4 steps. Plus, bonus lessons on launching and metrics!

Freebie Alert!


My done-for-you launch services are primarily for 5, 6 & 7 figure online coaches who want an expert on their team. 

Done-for-you services

My done-with- you services are primarily for online coaches who want guided support to fast-track their journey to a successful launch.

Up & running in just a few days!

Lacey has been extremely helpful in setting up my business. During our discovery call Lacey asked tons of questions and really listened to all my ideas. It’s amazing how quickly she was able to produce the tools required to have my business up in running in a few days. I am so thankful to have Lacey as a resource in my business.

Shelley Olsen - A Better daily life

Implemented Immediately!

Working with Lacey has been amazing. She is so very knowledgeable about how to be productive. The bonus is that she has the ability to teach in a way that you can implement immediately."

Kim McClure - KDM Life & Beauty

What my clients say...

 I literally would have never launched without Lacey's brilliance and guidance. And now I am growing my business every month!!!

Before working with Lacey I had so many ideas written down everywhere. A typical entrepreneur brain!!! But once I partnered with Lacey, she helped me create a plan. A strategy to launch my business in a way that was authentic to me and had me so excited for it. She was by my side the whole way! She thinks outside the box and had so many great ideas for me to consider!! Best decision ever!

Kari Miranda - Happy Life Coach | Beauty Boss

Nobody breaks things down the way Lacey does. This level of detail is not just helpful—it's essential for success. 

Lacey fills a crucial gap in the world of launching, offering not just what to do but exactly how to do it. The depth of her 'how-to' guidance is exactly what many of us have been searching for. Nobody breaks things down the way Lacey does, offering clarity on what needs tweaking before the launch. This level of detail is not just helpful—it's essential for success. 


I had the best strategy call with Lacey!! She helped me to have clearer vision on the direction I need to go and actions I need to take.

I had the best strategy call with Lacey!! She helped me to have clearer vision on the direction I need to go and actions I need to take to start making a profit in my business. I can not wait to put into action what we discussed and start to gain paying clients! Thank you Lacey for your guidance and knowledgeable words! 🤗

Vanessa Pinkston

Lacey here! Launch Strategist & Tech Expert at your finger tips.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs navigate their first or next launch from scratch and with ease.

Together we can plan your launch strategy, build your launch infrastructure, do the actual launch, and learn and grow from the launch results. 

Under the expert 1 on 1 guidance of Lacey, who has meticulously thought through every aspect of the launch process, you'll find no stone left unturned —

From grand strategy down to the precision of a post-purchase confirmation email, Lacey ensures that your launch is comprehensive, leaving nothing to chance.

No checkbox left unchecked, no stone left unturned.

Let's be launch partners!

Creator of The Launch Remix™️ 

Certified Master Coach

Master's in Communication & Technology

Past Corporate 500 Leader

Don't settle for a mediocre launch game...

Become a launch powerhouse and unleash the full potential of your business.