using proven strategies that generate leads and bring clients into your online coaching program.

6 OR 12-month Launch strategy & implementation support

Guess what!

All 1 on 1

Many online coaches give up on launching after
just one try - 

not realizing they might be only one tweak away from a super profitable launch.

The purpose of your first launch is to help you gather momentum (aka key data & some clients) so you can...

run an incredibly profitable second launch. 

Launching can help you:

- build your authority & credibility
- generate leads
- test your offers
- bring in clients
- prepare to go evergreen

AND it doesn't have to be complicated!

Even if you aren't technically savvy or you feel like launching is sooo complex.

Let's address the elephant in the room...

Why do coaches have a hard time with launching?

They are usually trying to force-fit launch strategies that don't work for them, their audience, or their offer. 

They want to do all. the. things. they see the "big guys" doing and fail to realize the size of team it takes to execute that type of launch.

They involve way more tech than they actually need and create one big tech headache after another.

They try to do it completely alone...

That's why so many amazing coaches NEVER launch...

Here's the flip side! You can:

- have a super simplified & profitable launch!
- design a launch that you love and get excited for!
- reduce the tech overwhelm without sacrificing sales.

Launching is about to get a whole. lot. easier. for you!

A 6 or 12-month, 1 on 1 experience that will help you run simple, profitable launches to generate leads and bring clients into your online coaching program. 



Learn the skills of launching

Have expert
1 on 1 guidance!

Run simple, profitable launches

Don't let the fear of launching or a past so-so launch stop you from running an incredibly profitable coaching program.

Launch it with READY TO LAUNCH!™️

i'm ready, let's do it!

Here's how it works:


Since we will be working 1 on 1 with each other, I want to get to know you and your business intimately. That's why we start with a questionnaire and a 90 minute kick-off call so I can give you the exact guidance you need while inside Ready to Launch!™️

Ready to Launch!™️ Game-Changers:
-Detailed welcome questionnaire & assessment to kickstart your launch journey.

-90 minute 1 on 1 kick off call within the first two months with Lacey to help set you up for launch success and hold you accountable.




We will work together to choose the right launch strategies for you, your audience, and your offer. Then we will PLAN your launch around them. 

Ready to Launch!™️ Game-Changers:
- 90 minute 1 on 1 launch strategy & planning call with Lacey to fine-tune your launch details (including a doable to-do list). 

- Access to proven launch strategies you need for a successful launch complete with tutorials, worksheets, & templates (including my own personal showit template like this sales page!).



BUILD out the tech and copy required for your launch. This might include: landing pages for freebies, events & offers, email marketing, and more! Don't worry the experts will be here to help!

Ready to Launch Game-Changers:

- 90-minute 1 on 1 launch support session with Lacey to get help with any launch tech hurdles holding you back.

- Q&A Support - Submit your question and get a personalized response within 2 business days or less! Always have support!

- 10 copy reviews with conversion copywriter expert so your copy lands with your ideal clients!
(up to 2 copy reviews per week)



LAUNCH your offer to the world in a way that grabs attention and brings in clients.

Ready to Launch!™️ Game-Changers:
- Launch Tech Check - submit your important launch links for a final check by Lacey and her team to make sure everything is working as expected!

- Voxer access when launching for priority launch concerns (during business hours) so you never feel alone!



Understand what to measure, what YOUR launch data is telling you and how to use it to grow your launch game.

Ready to Launch!™️ Game-Changers:
-60 minute 1on 1 post launch review call with Lacey so we can check-in on launch results & set the stage for your next launch.



Use the real data from launch #1 to refine strategies for launch #2.

Ready to Launch!™️ Game-changers:

- Everything in the plan, build, launch and grow stages AGAIN! Yes, you get all the 1 on 1  calls again with Lacey, the copy reviews, and more!

12 month clients only!

Learn & implement the strategies behind 4, 5, & 6 figure launches!

"Lacey's a mastermind of launch strategy and creativity.
Not only did she guide us through the technical maze, she also shared game-changing strategies and ideas."

- Julie Cabezas, Self Made


What it is like                         with me:

Are you a

You consider yourself forward-thinking and PROACTIVE.

You're an entrepreneur who is not just a dreamer but a DOER.

You value practical, minimalistic solutions and are COMMITTED to turning business aspirations into reality.

You seek simplicity and efficiency, value hands-on guidance, and are DETERMINED TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS in your entrepreneurial journey!

What to

The tools, knowledge, and support you need to overcome business, launch, and tech obstacles.

Learn and implement the skills of profitable launching.

Highly personalized guidance + support.
This isn't a group program!

This is not a get rich quick scheme...entrepreneurship takes work. 

Real and authentic business advice.


 good fit?


Launch your online coaching program with -


1 on 1 Support for one or two launches - $15,000 VALUE

  • 90 minute 1 on 1 strategy & planning call with Lacey 

  • 90 minute 1 on 1 launch support session with Lacey

  • 10 copy reviews with conversion copywriter expert 

  • Launch tech check 

  • Voxer access for priority launch concerns when launching

  • 60 minute 1 on 1 launch review call with Lacey

  • 6 or 12 month - Q & A Forum - response in 2 business days or less

1 on 1 Kick-off with Lacey - $1500 VALUE

  • Detailed welcome questionnaire & assessment

  • 90 minute 1 on 1 kick off call within the first two month

  • Access to proven launch strategies complete with how-tos!

  • Discounted done for you tech services

  • Special surprises and delights along the way tailored for you!

The Extras - $3500+ VALUE

TOTAL VALUE: $20,000+

Your Investment

Run simple, profitable launches with 
1 on 1 coaching + support.

12 MONTH (2 Launch) - PAYMENT PLAN

$750 USD

JOIN now

12 MONTH (2 Launch) - PaY IN FULL

$7500 USD


$800 USD


$4275 USD




What happens after I join?

Once you make your payment through the secure order platform, you'll receive an email with your onboarding information including a link to book your kick-off call & complete the welcome questionnaire.

 The kick-off is our opportunity to connect personally, dive deep into your business, and map out your intentions for this program. 

Will Ready to Launch!™️ help me launch my online coaching business?

Absolutely! In Ready to Launch!™️ I get to know you and your business intimately so I can help you create simple, customized launch strategies. Then, through our 1 on 1 calls, Q&A support, and voxer access, I guide you in launching your coaching offer.

You’ll also get ongoing personalized support after you launch so you can enjoy wildly profitable launches on autopilot.

I’ve helped entrepreneurs just like you enjoy 4, 5, and even 6-figure launches using my proven launch strategies, templates, and tech stacks, and I can help you do the same.

How is Ready to Launch!™️ different from other coaching programs?

Ready to Launch!™️ is the ONLY 1:1 personalized coaching program for launching your online coaching program in which a launch strategist and tech expert guides you step-by-step.

I get to know you intimately, customize your launch strategy to fit you and your business, and provide resources  so you can have a profitable launch —no overly complicated strategies, sales funnels, or confusing tech needed. 

Is Ready to Launch!™️ REALLY a 1 on 1 program??


Ready to Launch!™️ is a fully 1-on-1 program with Lacey & other experts (i.e. conversion copywriter!) designed to catapult your online coaching business to success.

From the moment you join, you receive individualized attention tailored specifically to you and your business's unique needs. Through personalized launch strategies, 1:1 calls, and direct support, I guide you from the initial launch concept right through to the successful launch of your online coaching offer.

After your launch, the 1-on-1 attention continues, helping you refine and scale your business for even greater profitability.

My track record includes assisting entrepreneurs in achieving remarkable financial success in their launches, with a focus on personalized, step-by-step guidance. 

How does VOXER access work?

Voxer access allows you to communicate directly with me through the Voxer app for any urgent launch-related queries during business hours (Monday to Friday - 10 am - 3 pm MT).

For general members, this access starts after your launch planning and strategy call and ends 1 week after your final launch day.

It's an invaluable tool for getting instant advice, solving quick problems, or receiving feedback to ensure your launch success. Remember, you also have the Q&A form for additional questions, with guaranteed responses within 2 business days.

How do I know if Ready to Launch!™️ is right for me?

Ready to Launch!™️ is not for anyone looking for a get-rich-quick program or who doesn’t want to work hard to build their business.
Entrepreneurship takes hard work and time.

That said, Ready to Launch!™️ is perfect for you if:
  • You’re an entrepreneur looking for personalized guidance to launch your online coaching program or offer as simply and quickly as possible.
  • You consider yourself forward-thinking and PROACTIVE.
  • You're an entrepreneur who is not just a dreamer but a DOER.
  • You value practical, minimalistic solutions.
  • You value hands-on guidance.
  • You are DETERMINED TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS in your entrepreneurial journey!

I'm not tech-savvy...what support will I get with my tech?

I specialize in making tech simple!

I'll recommend easy-to-use tech and provide step-by-step guidance. Plus, you'll have access to tech support for any hiccups along the way including a 90 minute 1 on 1 session dedicated to launch tech support for each launch, Q&A access for 12 months, voxer support when launching, and 40% off tech services you just don't want to do yourself!  

Is there a refund or cancellation policy?

I’m absolutely certain that I can help you launch a successful online coaching program.

However, we provide a conditional early cancellation option within 5 business days after our kickoff call if you genuinely believe this program is not suited to your needs.

Simple, profitable launching starts here.

Are you ready to launch?

➡ I'm READY!